Rubber Base COLOR & GO!

Rubber Base COLOR & GO!

Rubber Base - just COLOR & GO!

Meet our NEW! Revolutionary Rubber Base COLOR & GO! in 13 amazing, fresh shades.

Rubber Base COLOR & GO! is a multifunctional product - base and color 2-in-1, which will allow you to maximally shorten the time of performed services and get the most fashionable effect of milky-pastel nails, so much desired by our customers!

The colour range of Rubber bases will delight every customer - both those who love classics and nude shades, those who choose delicate pastels, as well as those who like unobvious colour combinations and definitely follow the trends!

It is for them that we have created 13 amazing colours - from the much sought-after milky shade, through sweet vanilla, delicate candy pink, pink with a dash of violet, with a hint of juicy peach, a perfect cover shade and milky-pastel shades of pink, violet, blue and mint.

The new Rubber COLOR & GO! bases will delight you not only with their colours, but also with their medium-thick formula and coverage, which will eliminate imperfections of the natural plate.

They are perfect for natural look and french sets on natural plate.

The flexible product works perfectly with the natural plate, eliminating the risk of mechanical damage, and levels beautifully.

Get to know all the shades of Rubber Base COLOR & GO!!!

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