Jelly Bottle

Jelly Bottle

Instantly perfect your nail overlay. Quickly and effectively eliminate imperfections on your nails. Solidly reinforce your natural nail plate. Safe nail set even after 4 weeks of wear. Gorgeous colours that match your skin and nail tone. Is this what you expect from nail products?

Introducing our #NEW! Jelly Bottle, or gels that must be in your home and professional salon!

These are 2-in-1 products that we have put in bottles with brushes. You don't need an additional base to apply them, so they are both a base and a classic building gel, which definitely speeds up the work! You will also save time when removing them - Jelly Bottle gels are completely soluble, and you don't need to use a e-file machine to remove them. You will also love them for the formula that makes your set last safely on your nails for more than 4 weeks! If you don't always have time for regular infill, Jelly Bottle comes to the rescue.

Why else do you need them?

The medium-thick consistency and self-leveling formula of Jelly Bottle will maximize your work Infill or correction of imperfections will take only 30 minutes! Colours - from nude to pink - perfectly match your skin tone, creating a desired natural effect on your nails By buying Jelly Bottle, you buy time for yourself and your clients These gels have reduced burning sensation in the lamp They will solidly reinforce and protect the natural nail plate without the need for a base application You can remove Jelly Bottle with a e-file machine, but they are 100% soluble Choose Jelly Bottle and make your nails even more beautiful!

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