Halo Effect Cat Eye

Halo Effect Cat Eye

Halo Effect Cat Eye Magnetic Hybrid Polishes – opt for the cat-eye effect on your nails.

The NaiLac Halo Effect Cat Eye magnetic hybrid polishes, with a million multicoloured particles, create luminous glows that change their dominant colour depending on the angle of light incidence. To distribute the metallic filings, simply use a special magnet to bring out the distinctive, multicoloured streaks.

Magnetic hybrid polish #01 shimmers in shades of gold, pink, and orange, enriched with emerald reflections. #02 is an explosion of orange-gold particles, sparkling like lava. NaiLac polish #03 conceals a sensual duo of pink and purple, which in shade #04 is enriched with a warm, orange hue. The last polish in the Halo Effect collection concludes with #05, where purple and navy intertwine.

Multicoloured streaks accompanied by black are the recipe for a spectacularly twinkling cat-eye effect on the nails. Simply move your hand slightly, and your styling with any Halo Effect will undergo a luminous metamorphosis and enchant with an entirely new glow. See how the metallic NaiLac hybrid polishes will sparkle on you...

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