Body Lotion Womanity 500ml

Body Lotion Womanity 500ml

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 inspired by the timeless aroma of the classic Coco Chanel Mademoiselle perfume

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Experience the captivating scent of Womanity balm, a luxurious skincare product inspired by the timeless aroma of the classic Coco Chanel Mademoiselle perfume. This premium moisturizing balm not only nourishes your skin but also leaves it feeling smooth and delicately fragranced with a floral scent that lingers for an extended period.

Packed with a potent blend of active ingredients such as Shea butter, glycerin, sweet almond oil, panthenol, and emollients, Womanity balm is designed to provide your skin with the ultimate nourishment. Regular application of this high-quality balm helps maintain optimal skin hydration levels, ensuring a comfortable, non-greasy feel.

Choose from two convenient sizes of Womanity balm available in our collection - 50ml and 500ml. Indulge in the luxury of this exquisite skincare product and let its enchanting scent transform your daily skincare routine. Experience the difference with Womanity balm, your ultimate solution for long-lasting skin hydration and care.

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