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Nail Courses & Nail Training

Gosha Walczak is an award-winning nail educator who has won the prestigious Nailympia Winner of the Winners award.

Gosha embarked on her professional journey as a nail technician in 2016, and over the years, she has transformed her initial passion into a distinguished career.

Her dedication to continual learning is evident in her studies with leading figures in the industry, including Olena Oezman, Krista Paulitti, Mino Vo, Leon Cabrialles, and Marianna Sandor, among others. This commitment to excellence has not only enhanced her own skills but has also positioned her as a beacon of knowledge and expertise.

To date, Gosha has successfully trained 18 new educators, extending her influence and shaping the future of nail technology. Furthermore, she has assisted hundreds of nail technicians, helping them refine their skills and advance their own careers. Her role in organizing shows, leading workshops, and providing mentorship underscores her dedication to the nail industry and her desire to foster a community of skilled professionals.

Outside of her professional life, Gosha is a devoted mother to three daughters and a caring pet owner to her dogs. She is also committed to a healthy lifestyle, balancing her busy career with fitness and wellness activities. This well-rounded approach enriches her personal fulfillment and professional creativity, making her a respected and inspirational figure both within and beyond her industry.

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