Builder Shine - hard gels with particles

Builder Shine - hard gels with particles

Thick consistency, self-leveling formula, nail strengthening, beautiful shades perfect for summer, and small pieces of holographic foil.

Meet Builder Shine, the hard building gels with particles that will fulfill your dreams of spectacular shine and exceptional durability of nail sets These are 5 amazing gels - Milk, Rose, Tropical, Blush, and LaVender - with which you can achieve a striking manicure in a really short time.

Builder Shine building gels are not only about beauty but also durability! You will fall in love with their shimmering particles that sparkle with every hand movement, as well as their innovative formula that allows you to extend, build up, or overlay nails and enjoy their incredible durability for a long time. A manicure done with Builder Shine will accompany you for many weeks without losing its dazzling shine.

It's time to fulfill your dreams of a unique and easy-to-apply manicure! Choose Builder Shine and discover the power of shine and durability on your nails!

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