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Body Lotions - SPN Nails

Lotions from the SPA line by SPN Nails entice with feminine, sensual and long-lasting fragrances. The power of active ingredients contained in them maintains the proper level of skin hydration, providing an incredible feeling of comfort and making the application of the balm an incredible feast for the senses. The lotions are available in 3 three versions - a travel size (50 ml) and two larger versions of 200 and 500 ml capacity.  

Thanks to highly concentrated nourishing ingredients and luxurious fragrance notes, products from the SPA collection nurture the skin, caress the senses and envelop the body with a beautiful, long-lasting fragrance. The lotions are surprised with their delicate texture, fast absorption and extraordinary nourishing power, and other cosmetics complementing the line perfectly harmonize with them, emphasizing the power of their fragrance.

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