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B!AB - Building gel in a bottle


Are you looking for a multipurpose nail product that will allow you to shorten the service time and make your work as easy as possible? 

Meet Builder Bottle – innovative nail building gels, enclosed in an elegant bottle with a brush.

Thanks to this, the application of the gel is even simpler and even a beginner nail tech can handle it!

With the brush, you can easily and precisely fill in the gel regrowth, make a quick correction, but also effectively strengthen natural nails.

Thanks to the self-leveling formula Builder Bottle correction and filling of nails takes only 30 minutes, and one bottle of the product is enough for 25-60 full sets of manicure, which translates into time and product savings.

Builder Bottle is a combination of nail base and nail gel, which will allow you to safely wear the styling for up to 4 weeks. You don't need a e-file to remove it, because it is 100% soluble.

It is a product that can be used as a standalone, beautiful colouror as a nail base for hybrid polish. 

It is available in 7 most desired and fashionable shades – from milky to transparent.

Builder Bottle is great for French, babyboomer styles, or for the most fashionable clean nail manicure effect and natural look styling.

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