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SPN Nails - a brand of nail products for professionals

High-Quality Nail Products for Professional Stylists in the UK

An isosceles triangle is a symbol of love, truth, and strength. The one in our logo symbolizes our love for beautiful nails, our commitment to truthful action, and the strength we gain through our daily work with talented stylists all over Europe.

In 2007, SPN Nails Professional entered the Polish market with a mission: to leverage our knowledge, experience, and passion to create unique nail styling products. Our products delight with their quality, ensure safe usage, and make nail styling a lifestyle for many. Your daily support confirms our belief that when you pour your heart into your passion, success follows.

At SPN Nails Professional, we prioritise the safety and quality of our product ingredients, ensuring they are safe for both health and the environment. Every day, we strive to exceed your expectations at every stage of your work. Our products are crafted by professionals who understand the nail styling process thoroughly. We know the perfect consistency for hybrid polish, how to design a brush for gel nails that fits perfectly in the hand, and how to formulate acrylics for seamless application.

Today, we proudly stand as a leader in the professional nail styling cosmetics market. Our products, made with the highest quality ingredients safe for health and the environment, receive positive reviews from independent dermatological institutes. With a rich product range and a wide array of colours, SPN Nails has been embraced by tens of thousands of stylists across Europe.

For over a decade, SPN Nails has been a trusted presence in beauty salons, homes, and hearts. Thank you for making us a part of your journey.

Why Choose SPN Nails Professional?

  • Premium Quality: Our nail products are made with top-tier ingredients sourced from Poland and other EU countries.
  • Safety First: All our products are dermatologically tested and safe for both health and the environment.
  • Wide Product Range: From nail hybrids and gel polish to hard gels, nail tops, nail bases, and BIAB (Base In A Bottle), we have everything you need.
  • Professional Expertise: Our products are developed by professionals who know the nail styling process inside out.
  • Innovative Design: We focus on creating products that are easy and enjoyable to use, from the perfect hybrid polish to the ideal gel nail brush.

Discover the SPN Nails Professional difference and elevate your nail styling experience with our high-quality products.