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Body Mists


Discover the allure of SPN Nails' SPA line of body mists, a fusion of femininity and sensuality, designed for the discerning woman who appreciates the art of fragrance. These exquisite body mists, inspired by the notes of popular perfumes, offer a long-lasting and captivating aroma that lingers on the skin, ensuring you stand out in every room.

Our SPN Nails SPA body mists are a celebration of fragrance, crafted to deliver not just a refreshing mist but an entire sensory experience. Available in two versatile sizes - a convenient travel size of 50 ml, and more generous size of 200 ml - perfect for any occasion, whether you're on the move or pampering yourself at home.

These body mists are more than just a fragrance; they are an essential part of your daily beauty ritual, offering perfect refreshment and a feast for the senses. Complement your personal style with our range of body mists, each harmonizing beautifully with our complementary cosmetics, enhancing the strength and endurance of the fragrance.

Step into a world of aromatic elegance with SPN Nails' SPA line of body mists – where long-lasting fragrance, inspired by popular perfumes, meets unparalleled skincare.

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