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"Cooling" flame 1.8mm Medium - diamond drill bit

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High Quality cuticle drill bit 1.8*

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Cuticle Drill bit, size 1.8*

Introducing our latest innovation in diamond bit technology: the "Cooling" series. These new drill bits are designed with unique cooling grooves. Their premium finish ensures a featherlight, soft touch, providing maximum comfort for the client while delivering exceptional performance.

This flame-shaped bit is the perfect tool for gently lifting the proximal nail fold, effectively eliminating the need for a traditional cuticle pusher. Its design is especially advantageous for clients with larger cuticle areas. The bit's pointed tip, though not sharp, is expertly sized to carefully separate the skin from the nail plate without causing discomfort. The extended flame design of the bit also allows it to fit seamlessly into the side walls of the nails, thereby enhancing its versatility and making it easier to use.

The bit is the highest quality and is free of colour coating, so it will last a very long time, even repeatedly sterilised in an autoclave.

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