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Krista Paulitti

Krista Paulitti

Aesthetics has been my driving force for as long as I can remember. Whether it's works of art, the beauty of nature, or the appearances of fashion. Beauty fascinates me and arouses my creative passions. Therefore, after completing my studies, I fully focused on what gives me the most joy in life: Beauty and its mysteries.

Everything started when I went to art school and graduated. Then for several years I worked as an interior designer and as a freelancer on various projects. Well-maintained nails interested me already then. After completing basic training in nail styling, I started training at one of the most prestigious nail academies in the world. I left this academy as an International Master in the field of gel and acrylic nail styling.

Because of the fascination that nail art has no boundaries, I decided to develop my own style and specialize in extreme nail shapes. The inspiration to develop new nail shapes does not allow me to rest. Thanks to visits to international fairs and lively exchange with the best teachers, as well as my activity as a juror at international nail styling competitions, I always find new inspirations. Therefore, I can teach the latest techniques and shapes to clients, and to students and instructors in courses.

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